Best Cast Iron Skillet of 2019 Complete Reviews and Comparisons

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If you are still not using cast iron cookware, you should know that you’re missing out a lot. There are a lot of benefits to cooking your food in cast iron. Getting the best cast iron skillet is a good starting point because it’s one of the smallest and most versatile cookware in the category.

Cast iron skillets are great for home cooking, but you can also use them on hiking, fishing, and camping trips, as long as you can handle the weight. Stay tuned and find the skillet that fits your needs best.


Comparison Chart

Lodge 10 Inch Cast Iron Chef Skillet. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pan with Sloped Edges for Sautes and Stir Fry.

Cuisinart CI22-24BG Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron, Provencial Blue, 10" Round Fry Pan, Enameled Provencial Blue

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 12.5 Inch by Fresh Australian Kitchen. Oven Safe Cookware, Perfect Camping, Indoors and Outdoor Pan.

Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, Skillet, 12-inch

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet, 11-3/4-Inch, Marseille

Best Cast Iron Skillet Reviews

Lodge 10-Inch Cast Iron Chef Skillet

The 10-inch Lodge is a versatile, high-quality skillet that can handle all heat sources and it comes expertly pre-seasoned.


Skillets come in all shapes and sizes, but this 10-inch cast iron skillet by Lodge is definitely one to have in your kitchen. It’s a natural cast iron skillet (black) with sloped sides and a tear-drop handle. Lodge makes all of its products in the USA, a statement to the quality and durability of the company’s cookware.

Lodge’s cast iron products all come with a distinctive pre-seasoning designed to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom, but it also makes cleaning easier and more manageable. The pre-seasoning is done with 100% vegetable oils, and it’s the best pre-seasoning on the market. When talking about features, this skillet has everything you need to cook your favorite recipe virtually anywhere. It can cope with temperatures of up to 500° F. You can use it on a stovetop, electric and gas ovens, induction cooktops, and even an open fire in the wild.

The skillet is perfect for grilling, searing, simmering, baking, sautéing, braising, roasting, and frying your favorite food. It has fantastic heat retention, and the entire cooking surface is heated to the same temperature. You will have a great time experimenting with all kinds of recipes in the kitchen, and this skillet can easily become your best friend on camping trips.



Cuisinart 10-Inch Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re looking for a high-end cast iron skillet for your kitchen arsenal, Cuisinart Chef’s enameled cast iron skillet could be a perfect choice. It’s a durable, high-quality skillet ideal for all kinds of cooking.


Cast iron cookware is great because it’s very durable and it has excellent heat retention. This cast iron frying pan is better than most because it has an enameled finish that ensures a non-stick cooking surface and easy maintenance. The 10″ skillet is ideal for all kinds of cooking, including searing, frying, baking, slow cooking, and so on.

One of the best features of this 10-inch fry pan is the long handle. Many cast-iron skillets come with a short handle that can make it hard to handle even with a pot holder, especially when used on an open fire. This one, on the other hand, has a long handle with lots of real estate for you to grab hold of. The weighs 5.8 pounds, so it’s one of the lightest in the category. The heat distribution is impressive so that you can use the skillet for many different cooking methods; you can use it for cooking food on a stovetop or in a broiler/oven, and the results will be impressive every single time.

The exterior blue enamel finish looks great, so you can use it to serve food too. It’s also available in Cardinal Red. The black enameled cooking surface doesn’t affect the flavor of the food, and the maintenance is almost effortless. You can clean it with warm water and a sponge, but it’s also dishwasher safe.



Fresh Australian Kitchen 12.5-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

The Land Down Under is known for extreme heat and weather. The 12.5 inches cast iron skillet by Australian Kitchen is a product designed for such extremes. It’s highly regarded by many campers around the world.


Out of the box, you can see that this skillet is durable and has the quality needed for outdoor cooking in extreme weather. This cast iron skillet offers impressive heat retention and distribution, providing you with an evenly-heated cooking surface. Many Australians use this skillet in the bush, so you know that it’s very durable and easy to maintain. It allows you to sauté, bake, broil, sear, braise, and grill your favorite recipes on all heat sources.

One of the most impressive features about this 12.5-inch cast iron skittle is the durability. The company claims that its cookware is designed such that you can pass it down to your grandkids. It comes pre-seasoned and with an instructional manual that will tell you how to occasionally season it after prolonged use. The largish skillet has a handle on both sides for easy maneuvering. You can use it as a baking dish for outdoor cooking.

Cleaning and maintenance are also easy. This is not a dishwasher-safe product, but you can clean it with some warm water and a soft brush. It’s a skillet you can use in the kitchen or when you go camping, but one thing is for sure, you will get some tasty results every single time. It’s ideal for professionals and amateurs alike.



Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet

Traditional cooking methods inspire the Calphalon 12-inch cast iron skillet. It’s an accomplished cast iron product you can use to slow-cook your favorite recipes indoor and outdoor.


If you’re looking for a highly capable cast iron skillet, this one is an excellent choice. It’s simple and easy to use, without any extra features. What it does offer is even heat distribution and retention, so it’s ideal for all kinds of cooking methods. The inside of the pan is pre-seasoned, making sure that your food doesn’t stick to the bottom and the large handle allows you to lift the skittle off the stove with ease.

Versatility is one of the best things about the Calphalon 12.5-inch skillet. It has a reasonably large cooking surface that will cook the food evenly, so you can use it to sear chicken meat and steaks, sauté vegetables, make cornbread, and much more. Since it’s large, you can cook multiple servings to save some time. The skillet is oven-safe, but it also works on gas and electric stovetops.

The product is made from durable cast iron that can cope with years, if not decades of heavy use. The pre-seasoning prevents food from sticking to the bottom. Calphalon provides a lifetime warranty for its product, meaning that the company will repair and replace any damaged product for free (but only if it’s due to a manufacturing defect).



Le Creuset Signature 11.75” Iron Handle Skillet

Le Creuset is one of the top cast iron cookware manufacturers. Its products are used by professional chefs in restaurants all over the globe. This is, without a doubt, the best enameled cast iron skillet.


The Le Creuset Signature enameled cast iron skillet is a heavyweight fry pan that doesn’t need pre-seasoning. You only need to add little oil to start cooking right away. It’s a perfect skillet for low-fat cooking and healthy food preparation. This skillet offers the same benefits as other cast iron cookware but with the quality and ownership pride of a Le Creuset. It has excellent heat retention and distribution, so you’ll be able to use the entire cooking surface without any cold spots.

The black enameled interior not only improves the durability and resistance to wear and tear, but it also makes the cleaning process much more manageable. It’s a high-end product with a price to match, but it also offers the best results.

There are two handles, one on each side. The large loop handle allows you to pick up the skillet easier. The skillet comes in a wide range of color options, including Cherry, Caribbean, Flame, Truffle, and others.



Final Verdict

If you care about cooking healthy, you must get some cast iron cookware for your kitchen. You can find the best cast iron skillet that fits your needs here, but our vote goes to the Le Creuset 12-inch skillet. It’s expensive, but it’s the best skillet in terms of both durability and quality. The skillet comes with a professional-grade enameled finish so that you can wash it in the dishwasher. It will expand your cooking options, and your food will taste as if it came from the most expensive restaurant. Those who are on a tight budget should go with the 12-inch cast iron skillet by Australian Kitchen. It’s a high-quality skillet at a very reasonable price that can handle all heat sources, and it’s easy to clean and maintain to boot. It’d be a great place to start your cast iron cookware collection.

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